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Hot Air Ballooning Turkey offers Pamukkale and Cappadocia hot air balloon rides all year round. These locations are home to two of Turkey's most incredible landscapes. These regions are unique with natural settings suitable for a variety of activities and tours. Both locations are fascinating from the ground, and even more beautiful from a hot air balloon in the sky!

First Hot Air Balloon Flight

Hot air balloon history in and of itself is a fascinating topic. The first hot flight was in 1783 in Paris, France. Hot air balloons were the first successful aircraft technology. The hot air balloons that we know today (with a heat source) were developed in the 1950s. Throughout hot air balloon history, the longest recorded flight was 7,671.91 km, from Japan to Northern Canada. 

Your Flight With Hot Air Ballooning Turkey

Although your flight will be a much shorter experience, it will still be a memorable one. Imagine, you have a week or two planned traveling around Turkey and on one of those days, you wake up early and head to the take-off site for hundreds of hot air balloons. It is a sight to see, the sky is still dark and hot air balloons are scattered around you, lying on their sides with giant flames bellowing as the pilots prepare the balloons for flight. 

As the sun starts to rise, you climb into the large basket with your fellow passengers. After you buckle in and get your camera ready, your balloon lifts off the ground. The scenery below starts to spread out beneath you. As the sun rises behind the hills and the other balloons float around you, the beautiful sight nearly brings tears to your eyes. Our guests have described this as a "bucket list" life experience. 

Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia Turkey

Why Should You Fly With Hot Air Ballooning Turkey

A Hot Air Ballooning Turkey experience is not to be missed! A guest from the USA joined us for her first hot air balloon experience and described it as "the best morning of my life." We agree completely, it truly is a magical feeling to float quietly over the world while watching the sunrise.

We are an established operation with over 15 years of experience in the hot air balloon business. Become a part of hot air balloon history yourself! Whether it will be your first hot air balloon experience or if you are an experienced flyer, reach out and find out how you can join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

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