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When should I book a hot air balloon ride?

A Pamukkale and Cappadocia hot air balloon experience is an extremely popular activity, both among visitors and locals. We advise you to book in advance within your dates of travel to Turkey so that you can reserve your spot ASAP. 

When is the best time to fly on a hot air balloon?

We fly 365 days per year and every season holds a different kind of beauty. Summer is obviously the warmest time to fly. The temperature up in the balloon is always cooler than on the ground, which can actually be a relief during the hottest months of the year (July and August). Winter can be especially beautiful, particularly when snow has covered the area in a blanket of white. January and February are the best months to fly if you would like to see the snow! Spring and Autumn are more temperate and mild and are also great times to see the rest of Turkey should you also want to include Istanbul or anywhere along the coast as part of your trip. Cancellations can happen any time of the year due to wind and other weather conditions. Our suggestion is to pick your favorite season and go from there. In the event of a cancellation, your flight will be scheduled for the following day. If you are unable to fly due to scheduling restrictions, you will receive a full refund for the flight. 

What if my hot air balloon flight is cancelled due to weather conditions?

If the weather is determined unsafe for flying by the Turkish Aeronautical Association, your hot air balloon flight may be cancelled. Upon cancellation, we will contact you to see if you are available for the next day, space permitting. Therefore, we suggest you book your flight for your first morning in Pamukkale or Cappadocia, to ensure that you will have a better chance for flying in the event of bad weather. If you are not able to fly with us at all due to bad weather conditions, we will refund your deposit.

When do we meet for the hot air balloon flight?

Our crew will pick you up approximately 30 mins before your flight time from your hotel (For Cappadocia flights, this will depend on the location of your hotel, see below for more details). Please keep your eyes out for email confirmation from us of your flight time one day before your scheduled booking.

Which hotels do you pick up (and drop off) from?

 Free pick-up and drop-off regions for Cappadocia balloon flights and day tours include: 

  • Goreme
  • Cavusin
  • Avanos
  • Uchisar
  • Urgup
  • Nevsehir
  • Mustafapasa (balloon flights only)
  • Ortahisar (balloon flights only)
  • Ayvali (balloon flights only)

Other locations outside of the above mentioned, such as Kayseri city, Kayseri airport, Nevsehir airport. Pickup can be arranged from these locations for an additional cost. 

How do I pay for my balloon flight balance?

Passengers must pay the balance on arrival to Pamukkale or Cappadocia, at least one day before the flight. Payments are accepted in cash (Turkish Lira, USD, EUR or GBP). Paying by credit card is also available, with a 10 EUR fee. 

How many people can fly?

Depending on your balloon, passenger capacity can range from 10-14 people per flight. Standard flight capacity ranges from 18-24 people and deluxe flight capacity ranges from 10-16 people. There are separate compartments in the basket to keep the weight balanced and so that everyone can enjoy the spectacular views from the sides of the basket. Passenger capacity is also affected by the outside temperature, altitude, and other variables. 

What is the duration of the hot air balloon flight?

The entire experience, from beginning to end, takes about three hours. Once you arrive at the takeoff site after pick up from your hotel, the inflation and preparation of the balloon takes approximately 30 minutes and is fascinating to watch. The flight itself takes about one hour, unless you have booked a deluxe flight which lasts about one hour and a half. 

Where do you fly and how far will the balloon travel?

Take off sites change according to wind speed and direction and balloons can travel anywhere from 4 to 20 kilometers away from the take off site, also depending on the speed of the wind that day.

How high does the balloon fly?

Most balloons float somewhere between tree level and three thousand feet above ground. The pilot will generally keep the balloon fairly low so that passengers can enjoy the view of the spectacular scenery below.

What is the balloon landing like?

Our experienced pilots sometimes are able to land the balloon basket directly on to the trailer that it needs to be packed away on. However, sometimes the basket will touch the ground, sometimes sliding a few feet, and in faster winds there is a chance of the basket bouncing or tipping at an angle. Often the balloon landing site is quite far from the take off site (both are wide open spaces like parks, fields, or school grounds). 

What should I bring with me?

Bring your camera! Dress practically, knowing that you will need to climb in and out of the balloon basket Dress warm in the winter as the weather is cooler up there! For summertime, we also suggest light pants and a jacket. Sandals and high heels are not recommended, please wear closed toe shoes.

Are there any passengers restrictions or requirements?

Passengers must be age 6 and over. Pregnant women are not recommended to fly due to the possibility of bumpy landings.

When can I fly?

We fly 365 days per year! Cancellations only happen in the event that the weather is unstable. The safety of our guests is our first priority so if we feel the weather is not suitable, your flight will be cancelled. Safe flying weather is determined by the Turkish Aeronautical Association and they make the final decision regarding weather conditions. In the event of a cancellation, you will be notified the night before with the option to reschedule or receive a refund. 

How are hot air balloon pilots licensed?

The FAA (Federal Aviation Association) registers and performs safety checks on hot air balloons, just like for any other aircraft. The FAA performs inspections and all pilots are also licensed through the FAA. Pilots must pass a written exam, fly for a certain number of hours in a balloon, perform a solo flight up to a certain altitude, and pass a medical exam that determines whether or not they are fit to fly.

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