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Cappadocia Turkey, a region formed over 60 million years ago through weather patterns and millions of years of erosion from Mount Erciyes, Mount Hasan, and Mount Gullu, is both a natural and historical marvel that people from all over the world travel to see. A hot air balloon experience is the best way to witness the spectacular natural beauty of this region.

Things to Do in Cappadocia

Even if you had a month to spend in Cappadocia Turkey, it still would not be enough time to see everything that this incredible region has to offer! Along with your hot air balloon flight, make sure you save some time to experience the other great tours and excursions that we offer in the area. You can also schedule a Cappadocia tour from Istanbul, beginning your journey in the big city before heading to the spectacular sights of inland Turkey.

We are happy to arrange your entire Cappadocia tour from Istanbul, including flights, hotels, day tours, and Cappadocia balloon excursions. 

Sunrise Cappadocia balloon flights from Goreme with pick-up and drop-off to hotels all over Cappadocia. Hot air balloon Cappadocia is an unforgettable experience with unmatched panoramic views.

Full day tours and activities for other interesting ways to see the region (ATV, horseback riding, and guided walking tours). See North and South Cappadocia and the Underground City for a full day excursion.

Cappadocia tour from Istanbul and back again – we book it all! Also include stops in Pamukkale and Ephesus to complete your adventure in Turkey! Let us take care of the details. Cappadocia Turkey of course stands on its own as a magnificent travel destination, but why not include it as part of a entire Turkey tour to see the best that this country has to offer. 


The modern Cappadocia Turkey region, located in central Anatolia, mainly covers the provinces of Nevsehir, Kirsehir, Nigde, Aksaray, and Kayseri. Human settlement in Cappadocia has been traced back to the Paleolithic Era, and was home to the Hittite Empire until the 6th Century when the Persians invaded and took over.

Following the Hittite rule, it became a part of the Persian Empire. In Persian language, Cappadocia translates to "Land of the Beautiful Horses." The Persian rule lasted until 332 BC when Alexander the Great tried to take over the region. It was during this time that the Kingdom of Cappadocia was established with a succession of kings that ended in 17AD and the region became a province of Rome.

In the 3rd Century, it became an important center for Christianity. Many houses and churches carved into hidden caves around the region provide us with incredible displays of evidence that Christians came to the Cappadocia region to hide from the dominance of the Roman Empire and practice their religion freely.

In the 11th and 12th centuries, this region was conquered by the Seljuk Turks and subsequently became a part of the Ottoman Empire. Under the enactment of the Treaty of Lausanne, the last Christians left the area, leaving behind underground cities, dwellings, and churches which can still be explored today.


The initial underlying landscape of the region was formed as a result of volcanic eruptions from Mount Erciyes, Mount Hasan, and Mount Gullu approximately 9 to 3 million years ago. The rock formations near Goreme were formed by erosions that slowly shaped spectacular minaret-like pillars. These fascinating formations are known in the area as "fairy chimneys" and cover the areas over which our balloons fly. The fairy chimneys vary in formation and size; some with caps, cones, pointed and mushroom-like tops; some with long, thin columns, and others with short, thick columns. From these pillars, people carved out houses, churches, and monasteries which can still be explored and seen from the air!

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