Why Your Next Romantic Getaway Should Be In Turkey

It is the month of love, we can’t help but share the romantic side of Turkey with you! Located at the beautiful confluence of two continents – Europe and Asia, Turkey is not just a country but an enigma. A deep Islamic and roman influence makes this place a paradise worth visiting. There are many places in the world that couples choose for a romantic getaway but Turkey holds a special place. 

At Hot Air Ballooning Turkey, we love to see people fall in love and sometimes play the cupid too (not kidding – we’ve done that for a client in the past). Among many things that you can be exploring in this east meets west wonderland, we recommend hot air balloon rides, Hagia Sophia mosque, and wine tasting to name a few. 

We recommend a romantic trip to these two love-struck places – Cappadocia and Istanbul. Scroll down to know more about the romantic side of the land of Turks.


What to expect: Golden skies filled with balloons, a stony terrain with cave hotels and churches, hundreds of colorful hot air balloons in the sky – this region is all things history and romance. 

Here are our top 3 recommendations for Cappadocia:

1. Hot Air Ballooning At Sunrise

Darren Lee | Unsplash

If you are tired of a romantic sunset, then you should surely try a hot-air ballooning ride at dawn with us. The rocky terrain, early morning cold breeze, and a golden sunrise make it a memorable flight over the fairy chimneys. We offer customized packages for couples where you can get a balloon booked for yourselves. You can book your private flight here with ease, or simply give us a call at +90 5327730916 

2. Wine Tasting In The Afternoon

Kelsey Knight | Unsplash

William Shakespeare once said “I pray you, do not fall in love with me, for I am falser than vows made in wine. ” 

When Romans left Turkey for Ottomans, they left behind a gift called wine. Locals cherish it with equal enthusiasm to date. We recommend you visit Kocabag Winery. This family-owned wine producer is located in Nevsehir; one hour drive from Cappadocia. You must attend their afternoon tasting at Han Ciragan restaurant facilitated by the dedicated sommeliers.  For a more private experience, couples usually go for an exclusive wine tasting followed by dinner.

3. Traditional Turkish Dinner

Louis Hansel | Unsplash

So, now that you are done with your wine tasting and want a change of place or just want to get a yummy-licious food comma, head out to Dibek Restaurant. This family-run restaurant is located inside a 475-year-old building carved out of stone. Their specialty lies in serving one of the finest Testi Kebabs in the region. Testi kebabs are slowly cooked in terracotta pottery over 4-5 hours and are served in rice. And yes, the wine will accompany you before you call it a night.  


The city holds together Europe and Asia via the Bosphorus strait (a bridge, technically).  While the old city oozes history and culture, the new city boasts of newly acquired wealth and opulence. Visit Hagia Sophia- an institution in itself that was once a church and a mosque and now a museum. The city is famous for its nightlife and the clubs that won’t let you sleep. We are recommending three places/ activities that couples should experience while in Istanbul. 

1. Attend A Baklava Workshop

Sayed F Hashemi | Unsplash

In today’s time and age, nothing seems more romantic than cooking together. And there is no best way to start your day than by eating and, of course, cooking, something sweet. Baklava is a traditional Turkish sweet that is like a puffed pastry filled with dry fruits and chocolates, infused with rose and other aromatic syrups. Head out to cookly.me to book one or simply let us know to help you out.  

2. Beylerbeyi Palace

Youssef Mohamed | Unsplash

Sultan Abdulaziz commissioned the palace between 1830-1876. He wanted to entertain royalty from across the globe. The royal visitors still continue to frequent the palace and certain areas are open for the general public too. The palace overlooks Bosphorus on the Asian side of the city. Walkthrough the well-manicured gardens and in the royal halls under grand chandeliers. A nice way to end the tour is to enjoy Turkish tea or coffee in the Rainbow Cafe and restaurant 

3. Turkish Bath

Yura Timoshenko | Unsplash

A visit to Istanbul is incomplete without a traditional Turkish bath. Introduced by Romans as a luxury, Hamam culture soon became a thing for royalty and commoners alike. Couples can enjoy this together followed by a relaxing massage. We recommend you end your trip with a Turkish bath at Ayasoyfa Hurrem Sultan Hamam

Note: Please call the Hamam/ bath-house before you book because of Covid-19 restrictions. 

Turkey is a lover’s paradise. The land is famous for the lovers’ poetry and music that Rumi introduced, and which still has a huge influence on the Asian poetry scene. Book with us to plan your trip to explore the romantic side of Turkey and create life-long memories with your beloved. 

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