5 Cool Things Not To Be Missed in Pamukkale

Pamukkale started to become known after it was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1988. Pamukkale means cotton castle in Turkish. Why is it called a cotton castle? Because the moment you enter the city, you are welcomed with a view of while terraces formed by limestone deposits and water slipping through them. 

Owing to the history of Pamukkale, the city offers a deep dive into the past centuries and tries to get a glimpse of how civilizations flourished. The city is special for historians, Roman history scholars, and of course architecture lovers and researchers alike. 

This is not all that the place has to offer. The to-do list can be long depending on your individual travel goals and likes.  If you ask us, as locals, we recommend 5 things that are surely not to be missed when you visit Turkey’s, Cotton Castle. 

5 Cool Things To Do in Pamukkale

Cool things not to be missed in Pamukkale
  1. Travertine White Terraces are non-negotiable. You go to Paris, you visit Eiffel Tower. To visit Pamukkale, you must visit Travertine White Terraces. They are a visual delight for travelers and locals equally. The mineral-rich water flowing over the cliffs creates calcium deposits. The best way to explore them is walking barefoot, and if you please, take a quick dip in those soothing waters. Avoid going early morning or during sunset- the place is filled with photographers and Instagrammers trying to get that perfect shot or just running a live story.
  1. A swim in Cleopatra’s antique pools offers a unique yet extensive experience of Roman luxury. This pool was the favorite among Romans and Queen Cleopatra herself used to bathe in these pristine waters. Today, it is situated between the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, and there are pillars submerged in the waters. The last entry is at 6:15 pm so you must time yourself accordingly. The best part is that you can stay in the waters as long as you want. The pool is rich in minerals with a steady temperature of 36 degrees. The pool is also called the champagne pool because of the bubbles that move through the water. 
  1. Tandem Paragliding: While our first choice is Hot Air Ballooning (For obvious reasons. Duh!), we say you can save that for Cappadocia. If you love to run on top of the mountains and are adventurous enough to jump off the cliffs, you must do tandem paragliding in Pamukkale. You will be flying with a trained pilot. Keep your camera ready when you do that. We recommend you choose the company after checking the credit score and insurance details. If that is too much of a hassle, just drop us an email/ give us a call and let us know. We will book that for you.

Tip: Secure your camera with a string to your belt or loop of your pants to avoid giving it a free fall to the ground 😉

  1. Visit the house of the Virgin Mary: The shrine of the Virgin Mary is located in bulbul mountain, 9 km ahead of Ephesus. The site is famous and yet mysterious for many reasons. Many believe that this was the place where Mother Mary lived in the last years of her life. The church holds another interesting place at its exit. It is called Water of Mary- a small pool of saltwater, this is believed to have medicinal properties and can be drunk by everyone. 
  1. Eat at Mustafa’s Guesthouse Restaurant: A trip is never complete without stirring those taste buds. This is a friendly place run by a family. Traditionally a guesthouse, it doubles up as a restaurant. There is not much variety on the menu but you must try stuffed bell peppers that are cooked in a traditional wood fire oven. Tastes yummy! The setting is rustic and extremely homely. 

Apart from these top 5 things, there is a whole list of places you can visit. We have covered them in one of our earlier blogs. If you are feeling like booking a trip, hesitate no further. We are a call away at +905327730916 or can be reached at info@hotairballooningturkey.com. If you want to book on your own, just visit our bookings page. We look forward to showing you Turkey from a local’s perspective.

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