Visit Pamukkale – An Unusual Treasure of Turkey

Pamukkale is one of the lesser-known destinations of Turkey. Pamukkale means Cotton Castle in Turkish. The city traces its roots back to the ancient city of Hierapolis – believed to be founded by god Apollo. While Cappadocia is famous for its architectural wonders and its majestic sunrises, Pamukkale offers a glimpse into the ancient Roman ideas of luxury and self-care.

It was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1988. Fun fact – Pamukkale is situated on the limestone deposits over the mineral springs! It has almost 15 calcium-rich hot springs. Known for their healing properties, these hot-springs attract tourists and natural healing enthusiasts from all over the world.

What Places Should You Visit in Pamukkale?

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Below is the list of the top places that we recommend to visit in Pamukkale.

1. Hierapolis Archeology Museum

This place is a must-visit for everyone who is fond of archeological artefacts. There is a neat display of coins, jewelry, statues, and relics.

2. Hierapolis Theatre

This theatre was constructed in 200 BC and resembles a lot like the Colosseum. It is believed that the theatre could hold around 20,000 spectators with special seating for distinguished guests. However, only 30 rows of seats are present today.

3. Necropolis

Extended over 200 km, it houses around 1200 tombs that include roman and Christian tombs. There are simple graves for common people, Sarcophagi for wealthy people, decorated with marble and inscribed names. There are also family graves with vaulted chambers and circular tumuli for wealthy people willing to have vaulted chambers.

4. Temple of Apollo

Temple of Apollo was located near plutonium spring and was famous for warding off evil spirits. Priests used to sacrifice animals for the same. Only the remains of the temple are present today.

5. Pamukkale Thermal Pools

The moment you enter the city premises of Denizli, you will see a white cloud formed by flowing water from limestone cliffs. These springs are famous with tourists and locals equally. Some people also believe that these thermal pools have healing power.

6. Cleopatra’s Antique Pool

Yes, you can swim in the same pool that Cleopatra swam in! It is run as a professional spa. There are columns that lay flat in the water and there are some that are standing. Thus, you can choose to swim or rest against the ornate columns – find what feels good to you!

7. Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Ride

Did you know that Turkey is famous for its hot air balloon rides in not just Cappadocia, but also in Pamukkale! This is one of the reasons we like to call Pamukkale “an unusual treasure of Turkey”. The early morning hot air balloon flights in Pamukkale offer a majestic view of clouds, formed over the hot-springs.

The red and white contrast offers a landscape that is every photographer’s dream. We recommend you to carry a camera while you ride. Book a flight with us here.

8. Karahyit Red Springs

The unique mineral combination of these waters give them the red color and leaves a rust color travertine. These springs have hotels and various cafes to enjoy a cup of coffee or fresh Turkish cuisine.

9. Kaklik Caves

These are located 45kms from Pamukkale. The cave has large quantities of sulfur that gives it a pungent odor. This cave was formed 2.5 million years ago and has various rimstone pools and waterfalls. Also, these rimstone pools are known for their healing properties for people suffering from arthritis and various skin diseases.

10. Martyrium of St. Phillip

It is a martyrium dedicated to St. Philip who is believed to have introduced Christianity to the locals of Turkey. Therefore, this is a famous site for archaeologists!

Things To Carry To Hot-Springs In Pamukkale

We recommend you to pack light. Since Pamukkale is a hot-spring destination, most of the tourists prefer a dip in the pool. Turkey is a liberal country and you can carry bikinis. While the tourism department has built changing rooms; we recommend you to wear your bathing suits under regular clothes so that you can slip out of them easily and take a dip whenever you feel like it. 

Therefore, we recommend packing light as you will have to carry your bag during the visit to the pools. Also, wear easy shoes as there are areas that are slippery. 

When Should You Visit Pamukkale?

The best times to visit Pamukkale are April to June and September to October. We suggest visiting around these times so make the most of your trip!

How To Book Your Trip To Pamukkale? 

Booking a trip with us is easy. We offer 4 days/ 3 nights trips that include airport transfers and hot air balloon flights. Along with our offerings, you can choose to spend a night in the Pamukkale village. There are plenty of stays available and the village is less crowded. Therefore, your trip will offer a glimpse into local life. 

Pamukkale carries many hidden wonders that are attracting tourists. The city is not only famous for the hot springs but also for its huge resemblance to Roman culture and architecture. We are happy to help you with your bookings and plan an end-to-end trip for you.

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